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10 Things People Love about Urban Zebra

  1. Our super clean white sample boards which are very well noticed in every showroom
  2. The fun innovative products that only the bold buyers at Urban Zebra dare to bring in for designers to be able to express their true creativity
  3. The awesome complete collection of mosaics. Our mosaics are always ahead of their time, they are fun, […]

The Importance of a Backsplash

The backsplash is a true focal point; it is the real opportunity for a homeowner to express their originality and personality. There are countless options, but finding the perfect backsplash can truly define a space and add a real beauty to a kitchen. It is always an enjoyable process when selecting a backsplash for a […]

The Look of Wood, the Durability of Porcelain

A few years ago the world of porcelain took a massive overhaul. We were enhanced with a new trend of porcelain which looks like hardwood. Imagine that, a tile which looked just like wood floors. Many would say, “why not just buy hardwood floors?” Well I believe that answer is easy, why would someone buy […]

Top 5 Most Common Questions When Selecting Tile

  1. What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain tile?

    Porcelain is stronger than ceramic bodies of the past; it is made up of denser clay and baked in an oven to a far more resilient composition. Porcelain is essentially the ceramic of the future, it is a modified ceramic body which has been refined from its […]