A few years ago the world of porcelain took a massive overhaul. We were enhanced with a new trend of porcelain which looks like hardwood. Imagine that, a tile which looked just like wood floors. Many would say, “why not just buy hardwood floors?” Well I believe that answer is easy, why would someone buy real hardwood which is prone to damage thru moisture levels, wear and tear from traffic? This product has now caught a tonne of momentum and is offered in countless colours, styles, finishes and incredible sizes. With advanced technology allowing for really large porcelain planks in conjunction with digital 3D print technology how can anyone really tell the difference? The other beautiful aspect is this product pairs very nicely with heated flooring systems.

One of tile’s primary criticisms is that it is cold to the touch; however that has now been countered. For a family with pets, it makes the perfect basement floor, offering a seamless open concept look, yet providing a water resistant scratch resistance surface which warms up very nicely. Commercially speaking, this product is great for covering large open areas which visually creates a nice open concept space. From an investment perspective this is an awesome product because wood offers a timeless elegance.

We now have over 10 lines of wood porcelains as we continue to make an effort to get our customers the perfect balanced selection of sleek and traditional wood look options! Stay tuned for what is coming out next!